Womenetics Takes a New Look at “Woman-Focused” Media

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Ellen Adair Wyche, President, Womenetics


We’ve seen “woman-focused” magazines for decades — and similar web sites and blogs since the age of the Internet dawned.  But this week we take a look at a media outlet that’s been very successful with a different model. Womenetics.com (www.womenetics.com) combines feature stories, profiles, special events and awards into a web site and organization designed to advance women leaders.

We spoke with Womenetics’ president, Ellen Adair Wyche, and their Senior Editor, Janece Shaffer to get all the details.  Click on this link for our interview:  https://soundcloud.com/mitchleffpr/womenetics-march-2014.

What’s the “timely” piece of this?  Well, we’ve worked with them for several years, but they recently did a bit of a relaunch, so we thought this was the ideal opportunity to reacquaint everyone with them.

They’re always looking for great women to profile and include in their events. It’s important to note that while Womenetics is based in Atlanta, their reach and interest are nationwide. So if you’ve got a woman exec elsewhere in the country, it’s likely they’ll have interest.

Take some time and check out their web site at http://www.womenetics.com.  You can reach Ellen or Janece at 404-816-7224.

AMP Photography

Janece Shaffer, Senior Editor, Womenetics



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