Parker Wallace Cooking Up Her Next Course

parker wallace 2Parker Wallace Cooking Up Her Next Course

When last we saw the intrepid Parker Wallace she was launching a new show on CBS Atlanta called “Atlanta Unplugged.” That show allowed her to launch her own signature segment, “What’s on Parker’s Plate.” She left the show (Annalee Penny took over as host) and the station last year and has a whole new menu of things going on.

We talked with her as part of our Mitch’s Media Musings podcast series. Click this link for the full audio:

Wallace is now billing herself as a Food and Lifestyle Expert aka Culinary Goddess (love that, right?) and has taken “What’s on Parker’s Plate” on the road, partnering with different brands and companies that fit into her healthy eating brand.

She’s now also doing a regular segment on The Weather Channel, called “What’s in Season?”.  Food on The Weather Channel? How’s that work? Well, Parker talks about how that came about (dinner with Sam Champion?) and what the segments will be covering.

And there’s a book in the works as well. It’s a cookbook and memoir, called “A Girls Guide to Dude Food.” The premise is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Well, yeah!

She’s also doing segments for “Atlanta & Company” on WXIA, so listen to learn how to work with her on those opportunities as well.

parker wallaceContact Parker Wallace on Facebook: “Parker Wallace” or “What’s on Parker’s Plate?” or Twitter (@parkersplate).

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