April Fools for PR and Media – Still Funny or Passe?

Are April Fool’s Day press releases and faux newspaper stories passe?  I’ve seen some funny bits this morning (check out the Dunwoody Crier’s front page and see if you recognize the names of the writers) but also some griping from media folks.

baconI loved the way the Emory Wheel did its 4/1 issue in college. Great work by folks like Chris Morris​, Dean Anason, Jonathan Serrie​, Daniel P. Leary​, Bob Binney and many more.

But did the Internet kill the fun? Does it damage a company’s (or media outlet’s) brand when they put out a release on a fake product or event?

A few posts from media folks:

  • As a reporter, April Fool’s Day is the single most-annoying day of the year. If you are a reputable, respectable company, your lame press release/story touting some gimmicky product as a joke only leads to a damaged reputation and diminished respect.
  • No one – especially reporters – thinks your April Fool’s release is funny. Just … don’t. We see through them and hate you. Or, worse, we don’t and report them and then blackball you.

Discussion begins … now!


Mitch Leff is The Atlanta PR Guy. He’s the president of Leff & Associates Public Relations (www.leffassociates.com), an Atlanta-based PR agency.

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Contact him at mitch@leffassociates.com, (404) 861-4769, on Twitter (@mitchleffPR), or on Facebook at Mitch Leff.



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