Launching a Campaign Just with Social Media with Nora DePalma

I was talking recently with Nora DePalma, principal/chief analytics officer with O’Reilly DePalma about the idea that you could launch a marketing campaign for a product or service just using social media channels. Marketing and PR folks often talk about “integrated campaigns” where you use a variety of tactics at once to launch something, but the idea of this “solo” concept was interesting to me.

noradepalma200So I thought I’d talk with Nora and learn all about it.  The example she uses (see audio below) is from one of her clients in the interior design industry. Their research showed that there was a very vibrant community of designers using social media, using it as a “watercooler,” using social media channels to keep in touch with clients and partners throughout the day.

AUDIO LINK: Click here to get all the details from Nora.

DePalma was working with a client and building their brand, but the client had had some challenges in the recent past. They decided their client’s brand wasn’t going to grow as quickly if they went the typical route of advertising in glossy magazines and doing traditional earned media.

The launch of the brand was entirely through social, media relations starting soon after. But online advertising didn’t start until a month later and traditional print advertising not until four months later.

She talks about how they parsed out the products to various bloggers and social media channels and then went back to the traditional outlets later with great success.  The advantage of using social, she says, was that they launched the brand with a very focused effort that impacted people who were actually going to buy the products.

They used Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and they created their own blog. They worked with six designers to create special blog spaces to introduce specific products at set times and dates. Content went out on the blogs first and then linked with all of their social media platforms based on where each of the designers had their communities.

How did they measure results?  They looked at the conversation rate, the amplification rate, the conversion rate and measured where traffic came from, how long they stayed on the client’s site and where they went (listen for more details on measurement tools used).

For more on Nora’s client, go to

O’Reilly DePalma ( is a public relations and marketing agency with offices in Atlanta and Chicago. They specialize in the design and construction industry.

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