“Journalist Spotlight”: New Feature with Atlanta Daybook

I’ve worked with Atlanta Daybook (https://atlanta.daybooknetwork.com/) for 25 years or more, so I’m delighted to launch a new partnership with them this month. Every Thursday, look for the “Journalist Spotlight.” It’s just what it sounds like: I’ll be talking with Matt Holmes DeKalb Radio Xa
local reporter, anchor, editor, producer, etc. about their work, their media outlet and their passions.

It’s going to be a great way to highlight a variety of local media and give communications folks some insight into how to better work with them. We’re going to talk with the larger media outlets, but you’ll also see us making a big effort to talk with media you might not see often, or outlets me think are great that you should know more about.

This week’s Spotlight was Matt Holmes with DeKalb Business Radio X. With his partner, Jason Becknell from CBS46, he’s offering a weekly DeKalb-focused radoi show. Link: https://atlanta.daybooknetwork.com/story/2015-10-08/51345-journalist-spotlight-mattholme/email.Gloria Neal Headshot for Daybook

Our first feature was Gloria Neal, the new morning anchor with CBS46. She joined the station recently from Denver and is one of many changes the station has made this year.  Link: https://atlanta.daybooknetwork.com/story/2015-10-01/51312-journalist-spotlight-cbs46/.

If you’re a media person and you’d like to be featured, shoot me an email at mitch@leffassociates.com.



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