If Your Tweet Falls in a Forest …

Adding a video element can greatly increase the appeal of a tweet.

So lately we’re having these huge nationwide conversations that are a sparked by 140 character tweets. I’m a fan of Twitter myself. It’s a very useful tool that we use to share small bits of info with our target audiences.

But what our team does – and most PR folks and journalists do the same – is use those tweets to bring the reader to more detailed info on our topic. That means including a link to a website, a news story, a video, a newspaper article. That initial tweet is just the hook to get them to want to learn more.

A good photo attracts attention to your tweet, while the tiny URL takes you to deeper content.

But if you don’t offer that additional opportunity for detail, then your tweet isn’t near as effective. It either has zero effect or you’ve missed an opportunity to engage with your followers. The worst-case scenario is that it confuses or has a negative effect on your audience.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this …

Mitch Leff is the president of Leff & Associates Public Relations (www.leffassociates.com), an Atlanta-based PR agency. Leff also operates Leff’s Atlanta Media (http://www.leffsatlantamedia.com) an online database with contact info for thousands of Atlanta-based journalists, and Mitch’s Media Match (Mitch’s Media Match), a service that connects Atlanta journalists with local experts and sources.

Contact him at mitch@leffassociates.com, (404) 861-4769, on Twitter (@mitchleffPR), or on Facebook at Leff & Associates.


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